Helping UU Moms Juggle Life

The Impossible Dream of a

Life Less Crazy

and How to Get It

Are you living a good life that you know has the potential for more?

Your ideal life is available to you.

It doesn’t require that you hustle more.

It doesn’t require that other people change either.

It’s something you can create and I will teach you how.

Are you trying to build your business, be a great partner and support your family, all at the same time?


Do you want to be more organized in your daily life with all the different directions your family goes ?


Do you want to stop yelling at your kids?


Do you want your kids to become more self-reliant?


Feel Better Now

To overcome overwhelm, observe your thoughts compassionately. Then determine which thought causes the emotion that drives the action that creates the results you seek in your ideal life.

Create Your Best Life

Life is complex and full of moving parts. How do juggle it all?  Use your GPS for Life Template to define who you want to be to craft your best life, keep all the balls in motion,  and love the whole experience.

Build Better Relationships

We’re so confused about how relationships work. We’re raised thinking that other people need to act a certain way so we can feel good. We’re so locked into our expectations instead of experiencing others as they are with unconditional love.

Give Your Kids The Leg Up You Never Had

Teach your kids the lifelong skill of building or repairing their own confidence. It is the best fuel for all of us to create whatever we want in our lives.

Follow Along

Teach yourself and your children how to craft your best lives