Overload? (Yes.)

Burnout? (Check.)

Never-Ending To-Do List? (Sigh.)





Motherhood Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming.

I’ll help you:

Manage Your Mindset

To better manage overload (or any other negative emotion), first BREATHE.

Then shift your attention from feeling to observing.

Finally, decide how you want to think and feel to create the actions and results you want in your brilliant life.

Get Clear on What You Want

Create a healthy, wealthy wise life plan, write it down and determine the next thing you want to create.

The most noble, courageous, important thing that you could ever do in your life is to figure out exactly what you want, what will make you truly content and truly satisfied, and never stop acting on it until you bring it into reality.

Edit Everything to the Essential

Constrain your actions. Know that success and failure are both better than inaction and procrastination. 

FOCUS: Focus on One Course Until Successful. 

Next, give your kids the leg up you didn’t have. Teach them how to create their remarkable  life.

What is Your Life IQ?

More important than IQ, SAT Scores or any other test that measures mental capabilities, is how we apply what we know to create our best lives.

Monday Minute: Loving Life

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