Overload? (Yes.)

Burnout? (Check.)

Never-Ending To-Do List? (Sigh.)





Yes, life as a UU Mom can get crazy, but don’t let overload get the best of you.

Here’s the three-part solution to craft the life you love every day:

1. Get crystal clear on what you want,

2. Coach yourself, and

3. Focus on one new action until mastered.

This website is dedicated to helping UU Moms who want to be strong in the midst of life’s challenges by the power and love that comes from living from our highest intentions.

Just 3 (Tiny) Steps to Clarity.


“Burnout to Briliance

Moms: Here's How to Fix Your Overloaded Life

Life is complex and full of moving parts. How do juggle it all?  Apply these 5 practices to overcome overwhelm.

Feel Better Now

To overcome overload (or any other emotion you don’t want), observe your thoughts compassionately. Then determine the sentence causing the emotion that drives the action that creates the results you want.

Effective Weight Loss

Let’s build a bridge between your mind and permanent weight loss. Losing weight really is 20% what you eat and 80% what you think. Get back to your natural weight and stay there for the rest of your life.

What is Your Life IQ?

More important than IQ, SAT Scores or any other test that measures mental capabilities, is how we apply what we know to create our best lives.

Monday Minute: Loving Life

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