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For each of Your Life GPS categories, quickly answer these questions.

Don’t dwell, ponder or try to produce perfection. Perfection is a lie.

None of us are perfect. So your answers won’t be.

Just asking the questions and writing down your top-of-mind answers puts you leagues ahead of others who haven’t.


1 Core Beliefs: What do you know for sure?

In 1998 Gene Siskel, the late film critic, interviewed Oprah. He asked her, “What do you know for sure?”

She says that has become the central question of her life. If you’d like to hear her answer, the interview with Entertainment Tonight is on YouTube and is worth watching.

  • Which deeply held beliefs (collection of regular thoughts) are shaping your life?
  • Are your beliefs empowering?
  • Do they move you at a deep level or are they holding you back?
  • What are your beliefs for this area of your life, or what would you like them to be?

2 Intentions: What is it that your heart truly wants?

You’ll know when you receive an answer to this question because your heart will expand, and then your brain will quickly judge it for being too vague or lofty.

Try to catch the thought and write it down before your brain interferes.

  • Your intentions refer to the ideal state you would like to achieve in this important category.
  • Ask yourself: how do you want this area of your life to feel?
  • What do you want it to look like?
  • What do you want to do on a consistent basis?

3 Compelling Reasons: What makes you want it?

The more your life generates well-being for yourself, the greater your contribution to the world. Well-being propels you to do your best work and to be your most generous.

  • Your compelling reasons refer to the advantages behind what you want in this category.
  • What energizes you?
  • What empowers you to take action?
  • What motivates you to manifest your intentions?
  • Describe WHY you want to make the most out of this part of your life.

4 Commitments: What do you promise (yourself) to do?

This is the hardest question because it requires making a choice among the many ways you could spend your time.

In The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz asserts that today’s many choices make us frustrated, less likely to choose, more likely to make mistakes and less happy overall. Thank goodness he also gives you tips to help decision-making. Click here for a summary.

We face an unprecedented number of choices daily. Commitments will help you ignore the distractions that don’t align with your heart’s desire.

  • Your commitments refers to the specific actions that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be. How will you make your intentions real?
  • Ask yourself, what kind of positive habits, attitudes and action steps you will implement.
  • What’s the RECIPE for the intentions you want to create?

5 Which habits will contribute to your growth?

Noticing the habits that craft our life and deciding if they need reprogramming will help us get the life we want.

  • What do you do regularly to support this part of your life?
  • Which habits could you add?
  • What triggers start these habits in your life?


Here’s a haiku summarizing the message of this post:

Five questions to mine

The wisdom inside your heart

And craft your best life.


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