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I’m often asked how to get started creating Your GPS for Life. Here’s how.

Let’s start with what we know, then build from there.

Grab your To Do List. It can be in your head or written down, no worries.

Also, let’s use a really simple format to begin, a piece of paper and pen. Later I’ll show you a few ways to digitize Your Life GPS, so it’s easy to find on your phone.

  1. Take a piece of white paper and fold it as if you were going to insert it in an envelope.
  2. Fold the folded paper in thirds again, as if you were going to put it into a very small envelope.
  3. Open it up and your paper is divided into 9 rectangles.
  4. Write ‘Healthy’ on the side of the first row,  ‘Wealthy’ on the next, and ‘Wise’ on the third.
  5. Label each rectangle with the 9 categories:
    • Healthy: Finance, Food, Health
    • Wealthy: Home, Job, Keeping
    • Wise: Learning, Legacy, Virtues
  6. Take your To Do List and put in your To Do’s in the appropriate categories.
  7. Now, flip the page over and write the same themes (Health, Wealthy, Wise) and categories (as above) on this side.
  8. Quickly write what you think about each category. Just do a thought download, and try not to judge what you are writing down.
  9. Carry this paper with you for a few days, jotting down additional To Do’s and your thoughts about each category of your life.

Don’t you already feel a little better? It is helpful to see how every little thing we do adds to the big picture of the life we love.

In the next post, we’ll dig a little deeper into your beliefs about each category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q | I’m confused about what goes into each category. Do you have a cheat sheet for me?

A | Yes, see below for the GPS for Life Pyramid.

Q | How does putting my To Do List into categories help me feel less overwhelmed with the many things I have to do?

A | I take the To Do’s in each category and put them into these groups:

  • Must do tomorrow or by the end of this week (circle one)
  • Must do, but doesn’t have to be this week
  • Someday, maybe
  • Dump (don’t do)

The single best way to tackle overwhelm is dial into today and act. Just do it! Pick a ‘must do’ and do the very smallest action.

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Your GPS for Life | Categories
Healthy Food Diet and Nutrition
Weekly Menu and Grocery List
Kitchen (Refrigerator, Pantry, Equipment)
Finance Cashflow
Health Dentist (cleanings), Doctor (physicals), Specialists
Eyes (exams, glasses, contact lenses)
Mental Health (therapy, coaching)
Wealthy Home Cleaning
Jobs Before & after school (care, routines)
Homework & Projects (study strategies, reading, exam preparation, test taking)
Volunteering in school
Keeping Cars
Cell phones
Personal Care (Haircuts, Makeup)
Wise Learning Music
Summer Camp
Volunteering in the Community
Legacy Life Partner, Parenting and Family Relationships
Celebrations & Traditions (Holidays, Birthdays, Thanksgiving
Vacations and Travel
Photos and Albums
Virtues Core beliefs