Tired of Feeling Tired?

If you feel overloaded and tired, I get it. I’ve been there.

I’ve done too much, ate too much, worked too much and spent more money than I earned.

I’m sharing my story so you know that I have been where you are and can help you fix your life.


Why work with me?

Listen — there are TONS of coaches out there. Great coaches.

Choosing a coach comes from your intuition. If you feel connected to me and my work, trust yourself with me, and want to share your beautiful dreams with me, then let’s get started.

But if you need to make a logical decision, I get that too. So let me tell you: I created my life the hard way. With no plan, no mind management tools, and way too much working. I don’t want your health to suffer as mine did.

I’ve simplified the processes and created the tools that work. With just the right amount of effort. So you have time for self-care, your partner and your family.

Most of the concepts and tools I teach for free.

You don’t just wake up one morning and become a master mom. 

It’s not learned from a book.

It comes from MANAGING your mind, creating a GPS for YOUR life and doing the essential.

And I’ve done that. I can help you do it, too.



This program is designed for UU Moms who…

…need a way to systematically create the life they love.

You fiercely love your family, but have lost your energy.
You sense that your life could be so much more -- but you can't slow down enough to see what it is.
You are ready to create a life you love and to be an example of what’s possible for your children.
You can learn how to organize and manage the 60,000 thoughts you have every day. Those thoughts create the emotions that run your life.
Having a plan will make it much more likely that you’ll create a healthy, wealthy, wise life. You can get really clear about what is most important to you.
When we focus on what’s essential, and nothing more, we gain margin in our lives. It is much easier said than done. And it’s a worthwhile lifelong pursuit.

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